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Alicia Kayumba Small


 "As a Pupil Chaplain, I intend to help the younger children understand the teachings of Jesus by reading them parables to help them understand the religious education more deeply."

Animesh Shrestha

"I signed up to become a Pupil Chaplain because I wanted to spread the word of God and make sure everyone understands it and maybe even spread it again.  Another reason I wanted to sign up was to help people with ethical problems that trouble them. 

I also want to lead new and exciting events for everyone like fundraising, treasure hunts, puzzles, bake offs, sport challenges, guessing competitions and quizzes."

Katie Wachira Small


"In the role of Pupil Chaplain, I help others strengthen their faith and love in God.  The reason why I took on this role is because I would love to strengthen my belief in God, plus I wanted to help others and be merciful and compassionate to everyone."

Laetitia Bou Dayer Small


"To me, being a Pupil Chaplain means someone who is a missionary of God and someone who gives up their time for others.  I am very excited to start using my skills, which I have learnt, towards others and I am also very excited to help the people that are less fortunate than me have a better life.  As a Pupil Chaplain student, I am ready to give up my time for others."

Oliwia Jaworska Small


"As a Pupil Chaplain at St George's, I promise to support all the children in their religious learning.  It is important that we refelect on the choices that we have made; it is imperative that we follow in Jesus's footsteps and do the right thing.  I also promise to lead others by setting a good example; we should always treat others how we would like to be treated."

Rebekah Wozniak Small


"I became a Pupil Chaplain because I wanted to be closer to God and follow in Jesus's footsteps.  Also, Jesus has taught me to put others before yourself and that is what a true holy person does.  I wanted to be a Pupil Chaplain to help others take care of the prayer room and lead Masses."

Ria Feeley Small


"As a Pupil Chaplain, I plan to hold prayer groups, read out prayers and talk about things that worry you.  I think everyone should have a right to feel safe in this school.  I am very understanding and I will listen to your problems."

Tarnya Victor Small


"I chose to be a Pupil Chaplain so that I can show others the meaning of love and how we can show compassion in our daily lives and in church.  I also chose to do this because I can relate to all the memories that people can have that can be resolved with Jesus's miracles."

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