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Dance Showcase

Fifteen children were chosen across Years 5 and 6 to showcase their talents in dance at Hatch End High School on 14th March 2017.  We chose Thriller as a song to choreograph our dance to. The children worked every day for three weeks on this piece, giving up lunch breaks to commit to practices.  They pulled off a fantastic performance on the night with their dramatic costumes and face-paint adding an extra effect to the performance.  Not only did the children learn and perfect the Thriller dance in such a small space of time, they also had to learn a finale routine which they were chosen to perform and lead on the night.

  •  Watch the video below to see the children in action.

    Friendly Table Tennis Competition

    This took place on 14th November 2016 and involved St George's, Roxeth, Whitchurch, St Joseph's, Norbury and Marlborough schools.  Below are some comments from the children involved:

    "We played four games in a row . I managed to win all of them, also I think we played well together and worked hard. I could see everyone was determined to win. For the last match, my teammate didn’t want to play against someone because he was really good. So I stepped up and managed to beat him.  It was a fantastic day." Alan 

    "On my way there I had butterflies in my stomach. I won three out of four 5-minute matches against Roxeth, Whitchurch and St. Joseph's. I lost my last match against Norbury school. I had loads of fun and I wish I could do it again. We normally play outside but playing indoors for the first time felt like I was in the Olympics." Lance 

    "I was very nervous at the start but when I started playing and winning matches I gained a lot of confidence. I won a good 3 out of 4 matches. I could have done better in last match, I lost by 1 point! It was our first competition and I thought we did excellently." Santiago 


    Year 2 Scooter Training

    On Friday 9th December 2016, For2feet Ltd visited St George’s to provide Scooter Safety training for our Year 2 children.

    The training focused on the road dangers that children are likely to encounter on their scoot to school. Children who participated in this training learnt essential road safety skills that will make them safer scooter riders and pedestrians. The children learnt about: scooter control, pavement etiquette with other pedestrians, identifying scooting hazards, speed control and stopping, crossing the road with a scooter, finding a safe place to cross, how to cross at junctions and parked cars and the dangers of cars reversing
    from driveways.

    The children had a great time learning their skills in the playground and then demonstrating them outside on the footpaths!

  • Girls' Football Week

    Here at St George's we celebrated The FA Girls' Football Week (Monday 10th October – Sunday 16th October 2016).  This is a hugely popular club aimed to increase female participation in football.
    It is run by Barnet Football goalkeeper, Sian Osmond, every Wednesday.  We currently have girls from KS2 performing skills and teaming up with older players, each developing their own skills, technique and confidence for the sport. See the girls in action below.

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