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Governing Body

The Governing Body is made of members nominated by the Diocese of Westminster, those elected by parents, as well as those elected by staff and those nominated by the Harrow LEA. This means we have a diverse group of governors almost all of whom have current or past links to the school.


Through the Governing Body and its various sub-committees, the governors provide knowledge and wisdom, gained outside the school, which can be adapted to benefit the school. Its members use their financial, planning, administration and parenting skills that they have gained, to inform and advise the school leadership team on various issues.


The full Governing Body meets six times a year and three of these meetings are dedicated to learning and development activities. The Governing Body also play a central role in reviewing and developing the School Improvement Plan with teaching staff, and review all formal policies connected with the school.  Finally, all important strategic decisions taken by the school, have to be ratified by the full Governing Body.

Meet The Governors

Mary Elton Chair of Governors
Carl Kugaswaran Vice Chair of Governors
Deirdre Monaghan Headteacher
Camilla Bath Local Authority Governor
Msgr Jeremy Fairhead Foundation Governor
Leo Harrington Foundation Governor
Miriam Jones Parent Governor
Steven Keogh Parent Governor
Lisa Loughlin Staff Governor
Adrian Rammelt Clerk to the Governing Body

There are two main committees which meet three or four times each year:-


Curriculum and Extended Schools

Finance and Premises


In addition, the following committees meet only when required:-




Staff Dismissal

Pay and Staffing (and Pay Appeal)


To read detailed information about the responsibilities of each committee, please see attached file.

Responsibilities of each committee

For information about the Board of Directors of the Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academic Trust, please click here


If you are interested in becoming a governing body, please click here for more details.