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YOMlogo cmykThe Jubilee Year of Mercy was established by Pope Francis and ran from 8th December 2015 to 20th November 2016.  It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols told us about the Year of Mercy... 

"The Pope's desire is that this Jubilee Year is a fresh opportunity for everyone to experience the great mercy of God.  The mercy of God is so central to the faith and life of Pope Francis.  It is his experience of God's mercy and the way he shows to others the mercy he has received that makes him such a remarkable figure in our world today.  He knows that every person whether they think of themselves as religious or not, longs for the embrace of mercy, the love that accepts us as we are and, at the same time, calls us to become what we are made to be.  Mercy, especially the mercy of God, say to us "It is never too late!", precisely when we think that we are stuck forever in our ways. 

This Year of Mercy is an invitation to start again.  It is an open door we are invited to enter and discover the wonder of the love and mercy of God that calls out to our hearts.  To go through this door and experience the mercy of God, everyone has to make a journey, a pilgrimage.  This may be a physical journey, to one of the Doors of Mercy established in every diocese as in Rome itself.  But it most certainly must be a spiritual journey, a spiritual pilgrimage in which we look again into our hearts, feel again the longing for forgiveness, for encouragement, for a renewed and joyful faith, for a reslient hope amidst all difficulties.  On this spiritual journey, by going through the Door of Mercy, we come face to face with our Maker, our loving Father, and come again to see the face of Jesus.  Then we are drawn into their embrace and find the unique comfort and consolation of true faith, living in the presence of the Holy Spirit."



Watch 6H's magnificent assembly on the Year of Mercy below 


Our School Chaplains attended the Year of Mercy Mass at Westminster Cathedral on 2nd March 2016. Click here to view.


Our Year of Mercy displays within school during this time are shown below

Kenny Hall

Kenny Hall Central Display

Link Corridor

Link Corridor

Doorway to Mercy

Main Entrance into School


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