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Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Encourage open discussion about how your child feels.  
Praise your child when they do share their feelings and fears with you.  
Visit local community services such as the local fire station.
Discuss the meaning of democracy and link with current world news.

Religious Education
Practise the school prayer.
Read the story of Creation and the Fall in Genesis.
Discuss how God calls us to care for each other and all creation with love and respect.
Know the importance of following the Ten Commandments in our lives.
Encourage your child to talk about their experiences of Mass  and the structure of it.

Practise on a daily basis the times tables up to 12 and help your child with their mental maths skills.
When shopping, give your child the receipt and cover the total so that they can work it out for themselves.
When cooking, support your child measuring out different foods so that they can familiarise themselves with weight and capacity.

Encourage your child to use the programme Google Sketch Up to become familiar with the techniques used for architectural design.
Encourage your children to use the computer for homework tasks set if appropriate, to develop their typing skills.

Say a word and encourage your child to find words that rhyme.
Read for at least 20 minutes with your child at home. Please ensure that you listen to your child read aloud.
Discuss the book with your child and ask them inferential questions using the list that you were given at the beginning of the year.
Support your child by helping them learn their weekly spellings and encourage them to use the new words they have learnt in their written work.

Physical Education
Encourage your child to visit the local swimming baths.
Encourage your child to maintain an active lifestyle.
Try and walk to school more often, if that is possible.

Talk to your child about the different properties and changes of material.
Explain every day occurrences scientifically eg steam from a kettle ‘evaporation’
Other properties to discuss with your child could include dissolving, condensation and transparency.

Creative Curriculum
Visit the Museum of London to find out how the Anglo Saxons lived.
Use the internet and the BBC website to research key facts and information on the Anglo Saxons.
Research St Bede and the significance that he had upon the Anglo Saxons.


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