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Discuss with your child the importance of democracy within our community and country.  You could also compare our democracy to other countries around the world.  Encourage them to research current news from newspapers, TV news and via the internet.

Religious Education
Discuss the different ways in which  you can pray with your child.  Pray the Rosary with your child.  Research Judaism and Islam and compare the teachings of these faiths to Christianity.

Continue to test your children on their times tables. Use every day situations to encourage your child to solve mathematical problems. For example, when shopping, calculating discounts, measuring and using times tables. Also encourage the practise of mathematical word problems.

Discuss with your child the importance of being safe on the internet. Research child-friendly blogs and discuss their purpose and popularity in an increasingly technology driven world.

Read with your child every evening and discuss the book/story with them.  Ask them inferential and comprehension questions using the list that was provided at the beginning of the year.  Visit a local library and look at different types of  poetry . Share your favourite poem with your child.  Read a selection of Greek Myths.

Physical Development
Encourage your child to be more active eg walking, taking up extra curricular activities.  Play physical games with your child when possible and advise them on the importance and benefits of keeping healthy.  Take your child swimming on a regular basis to build up their confidence and skills.

Encourage your child to question our place in the Solar system. Discuss lengthening/shortening of days in line with the seasons. Explore uses of Gravity in everyday life. Discuss air resistance on windy days.

Creative Curriculum
Use the internet to research the life of Queen Victoria and what life was like in Victorian times for children. Find out about  famous Victorian inventors and how their inventions changed how people lived. Visit the Victoria and Albert museum and the Museum of London.

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