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Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre - Visit 1

On Friday 15th November, the newly appointed members of our School Chaplaincy Team visited Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre accompanied by Ms Tuohy. The children played instruments and taught the men and women games such as Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders. We all had a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit!

Read what our Pupil Chaplain, Lucy had to say about the visit...

On Friday 15th November, the Pupil Chaplains, accompanied by Ms Tuohy, went to the Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre. 

The trip was very exciting and we learnt some very interesting facts about the past.  For instance, some of the elderly residents were telling us some fear-gripping stories about how they and their parents were sent to different countries to escape from the war, and how they felt when they found out that their father had to be sent away to fight. 

When we arrived, we went around and told the elderly our names, our ages, and some facts about ourselves.  Some Pupil Chaplains brought instruments with them and the residents clapped along to the beat while the children played.   For the majority of the time there, we were playing some board games.

When the time came to go, I think we all agreed that we didn’t want to leave.  We had so much fun that afternoon learning about their lives and what they had been through.

I hope that we can visit there again soon!


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