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In the Autumn term, Year 5 and 6 took part in a 6-week skipping programme where they learned how to skip and how to track their progress. At the end of each weekly session, they completed a 2-minute challenge to see how many skips they could do in that time. Their skipping ropes featured counters for them to see how many skips they completed and they recorded their scores to see their improvements each week. In each class, pupils were awarded with the titles 'Top Banana', 'Most Improved' and 'Best Effort' so everyone had the chance to achieve something.


Some of our Sports Leaders asked Year 5 and 6 children what they thought of Skip2B Fit... 

"It was really fun and I enjoyed practicing my skipping at lunchtimes" Anton, 5E 

"The two minute challenge was tiring but fun" Sandra, 5S 

"I liked that I improved each week" Ria, 5S 

"It was a fun way to be active" Dhasell, 6E 

"The two-minute challenge made me determined to beat my previous score!" Bobby, 6E 

"It helped improve teamwork because we had to motivate one another to reach our group goal of 500 skips" Jessica, 6E


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Interview with David from Skip2BFit by Kaja Metrak, 6BK

I decided to ask some questions to David, our Skip2BFit instructor.

Q. What did you like the most about skipping at St George’s?

A. I loved every second! The children were very good and always showed great effort. They wanted to improve their score every time.

Q. Why do you like this job?
A. I can see all the children improving because they like skipping and are happy, so I am too! It is very rewarding.

Q. What was your favourite part of doing Skip2BFit at St George's?
A. Seeing the children smiling because they had improved their score and when they got to press the Progress Bell.

Thank you David for answering our questions :-)

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