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Children's National Mental Health Week

Dear Parents,


Children's National Mental Health Week is taking place next week; Monday 7th February to Friday 11th February 2022.


All teachers will be doing mental health PSHE lessons throughout this week. On Tuesday the 8th February, we invite all children in St George's to wear their favourite scarf to school.


Children will have the opportunity to talk about their favourite scarf in the classroom with their peers and teachers. Scarf ideas:-

- Some scarves might have been a present from a special person.

- Some scarves might be part of a club, perhaps a sports team.

- Some scarves might be a gift from a friend.

- Some scarves might be warm and comforting, helping to keep them snug and safe in very cold weather!


We look forward to seeing all the children in their favourite scarf! Kind regards, Miss Magar