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We are learning and growing together as God's family.

We will always do our best to love and respect each other as we prepare for our future.

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Ofsted have now launched a new online questionnaire called ‘Parent View’. This gives you the chance to tell them and us what you think about our school.
You will be asked your opinion on the different aspects of our school, from how we deal with bullying, the quality of our teaching and behaviour. Sharing your views helps us to continuously reflect and look at how we can improve what we do for your children. Just click on the 'Parent View' logo, to take you directly to their site.



Full copies of our most recent Inspection Report can be viewed by following the link below:


Ofsted Inspection -  School Short Inspection - 27th February 2018

Ofsted Comments about St George's Catholic Primary School - 


"The curriculum is often inspiring, particularly in the way that it promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The school is a harmonious community where everyone is valued and cared for."


"Pupils are exceptionally proud of their school and respond enthusiastically to the many opportunities they get to take on roles of responsibility, for example in being a ‘buddy’ to Reception children, serving on the school or eco councils, being a library assistant or running the school shop."


"Pupils have a very highly developed sense of right and wrong and strong moral values. An outstanding Year 6 personal, social and health education lesson enabled pupils to articulate highly sophisticated views about the rights and responsibilities of individuals related to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. During the inspection the school celebrated Diversity Week and the pupils were clear that this was to help them understand about other people’s differences and the beliefs and cultures of others, which they do. This shows the school is successful in tackling discrimination and fostering good relationships."

Academy conversion letter (OFSTED)