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School Council at St George's


At St George's we are proud to have pupil representatives from each class, years 2-6, dedicated to the school council. These members encourage students to have their say about school matters and provide a voice for every student in the school. Through the School Council members of each class, pupils have the opportunity to put forward any issues, share ideas and take part in democratic discussions. Wider issues that arise throughout the school are also put forward to the council either verbally or through our display notice board - this ensures that as many pupil voices are heard as possible. St George's is a place where every child matters and it is the role of the school council to ensure that every pupil is aware that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas are of great importance.

What are the aims of the School Council?

- To ensure our school is a safe and happy place for every child and adult.
- To give children a place where they are comfortable to share their voice.
- To encourage all pupils to suggest improvements to continue to make our school the best it can be.


What makes our School Council effective?

We have regular meetings - every other week - to discuss any matters or issues of interest to the children within the school environment, surrounding community and things affecting the world nationally and globally. Pupils are made aware who their class representatives are, along with members from other classes, which ensures that there is consistent communication between students and the Council. During our meetings, not only do we focus on listening to one another, sharing the pupils' ideas or issues and thinking of solutions but we also have a variety of themes central to our discussions. These include:

- British Values
- Helping in the wider community
- Fundraising for a variety of charities
- Ways to help the environment
- Creating a happy and peaceful school environment to learn and grow

We begin each meeting with an agenda stating what our topics of conversation are going to be.
Each class has a School Council book where pupils can write down any ideas, issues or concerns which can then be brought up during the next meeting. Our links with staff, parents, pupils, the governors and local community enable us to participate in decisions about teaching, learning, fundraising and the success of our school.

If you have any suggestions for our school council, please feel free to email us at