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Rugby Report 


On the 25th of November 2021 the St Georges rugby team took part in a comp at Harrow RC.

When the referees said that they were ready, we headed out on the muddy pitch and did a little stretch or warmup. After our little stretch, we were called to listen to the rules and we headed off to our first game. It was a comfortable win with tries from Catherine, Tyler and Raphael, with everyone defending and pressing brilliantly. In our second game, it was a little bit intense and rough but at least, we still won our second game with a try from Liam. Finally, our last game was the hardest and very physical but everyone played amazingly well and the game finished 10-10. After the tournament finished, we got awards and travelled back to school, arriving safe and sound.

Football report:


On Wednesday the 8th of December 2021 the St Georges Boys football team had their first league game against Roxbourne Primary away. It was a cold and muddy day with the boys going behind early but being able to draw level through  a penalty 1-1. Just before half time we took the lead 2-1.


Even after a valiant defensive display in the second half we conceded again for the game to end 2-2. 2 games left hopefully the next game is a victory!