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Year 4 Victorian Trip

4J Gunnersbury Trip

Audrey Chavda

We went to Gunnersbury Park Museum to see what it was like in Victorian times. We went to see how it was in schools, and also the toys and games. In the afternoon, we did a really fun workshop pretending we were in a Victorian school. The trip was really Fun!


Neve Sharma

On Wednesday 13th December, year 4 went on a trip to Gunnersbury museum to learn more about our history topic- Victorians. The museum had many different rooms, my favourite was toys and games. In the afternoon, there was a workshop which showed how it was in school during the Victorian times.


Kenan Marshall

The workshop was the best part as we got to act and dress up.


Antoni Dzietczyk

We acted like children from the Victorian era. Some of us help the adult with the workshop.


Mia Forbes-Bristol

We went to Gunnersbury museum and went to a workshop. The workshop was very fun!