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Sacred Heart Girls Visit 2023

"On Monday 20th November, 5 Sacred Heart girls doing Spanish GCSE came to help us with our Spanish. We played Spanish bingo with numbers, we learnt about fruits and vegatables in Spanish and in pairs we performed a role play with a Spanish shopkeeper and customer. They taught me and the class a lot. Thank you Sacred Heart!"

Sam Kelly 6B


"With the girls from Sacred Heart, we played Spanish games, asking each other questions and we also did role plays in a Spanish market. If you were good you even received a pencil with Spanish words on it!"

Ella Chahin 6B


Our Spanish GCSE students at Sacred Heart absolutely loved giving a Spanish workshop one Monday morning in November to Year 6 , and were extremely impressed by the Spanish pronunciation and confidence of the St George's pupils. They felt very nostalgic for their days at primary school! Several had attended St George's themselves, and went to chat afterwards to Mr Lewis. They had all grown a little taller since he had last seen them!

Mrs Alexander - Spanish teacher