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2023 Winners

Overall Competition Winner: Evie

Key Stage 1 - Windrush Model

1st. Position - Vogue | 2nd. Position - Isabelle | 3rd. Position - Mikaeyla

Our young learners at KS1 immersed themselves in the history of the Windrush generation, paying tribute to the pioneers who embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom. They worked diligently to create incredible models of the Windrush ship, showcasing their talent, creativity, and respect for the past.

Congratulations to all the KS1 Winners. 

Key Stage 2 - Letters from the Windrush Generation

1st. Position - Evie | 2nd. Position - Ava - Mae| 3rd. Position - Beulah

In KS2, our students delved deep into history by writing heartfelt letters from the perspective of the Windrush generation. These letters beautifully capture the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of those who made the journey to a new home. The creativity, empathy, and historical insight demonstrated in these letters were truly impressive.

Congratulations to all the KS2 competition winners and thanks to all the participants for their thoughtful contributions.