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Boys' Football Team Starts League Season with an 11-0 Win


On Thursday, December 14, 2023, the boys football team finally kicked off their league season with a home game against St. Jerome's from Harrow. A whirlwind start led to the team taking an early 3-0 lead within the opening minutes of the game, showcasing quality midfield link-up play via Carlos and Daniel. The team continued its relentless attacking, with Byron and Noah causing problems for the opposition defense, enabling the boys to get crosses and shots off at goal. The half-time lead was an impressive 6-0.


The second half followed the same pattern as the first, with the boys creating numerous chances. They dominated possession, moving the ball through the thirds of the pitch, resulting in more goals. Noah, Byron, and Hugo contributed with some great finishes. The final score was an emphatic 11-0 win for the boys, providing an excellent start to the run of games they now have between December and April 2024.


Scorers: Byron, Nicholas, Noah, Carlos, Hugo, Zachary, Gabriele