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About our PSA team


All Parents/Carers automatically become members of the PSA once their child starts their primary education at St. George's. Members contribute enormously by planning and assisting with events and by advertising events through word of mouth to the parents / carers who cannot attend meetings, but whose support in attending events are critical to the success of the PSA achieving its fund raising goal.




Co-Chairs - Martina Gilmartin and Dorota Wegrzyk


The role of the Chairperson is to promote the profile of the PSA within the school community; ensuring the community is aware of the PSA funding goals for the academic year and the progress being made throughout.

The Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all members’ opinions are heard within meetings and that decisions made by the team are done so in an informed and collective manner.


The Chairperson is responsible for trouble shooting at PSA events; to be the first port of call when a problem occurs and to go the extra mile in coordinating activities to ensure an event is run well. 


Class Representatives


The class representatives are the link between their respective nominated class and the PSA. Their main role is to communicate with their respective classes on all PSA events and to galvanise support from parents to help out and / or to support PSA events, in particular, the two biggest fund raising events, the Christmas Fair and the Summer Fair, where support from parents is crucial to the event’s success.


Secretary / Communications 


The role of the secretary is to record the minutes and action points at all PSA meetings; ensuring the minutes are distributed to all meeting attendees.




Deborah Lee, Lisa Finnett, Sasitharakumary Thayatharan


Year 1

John Kelly, Kinga Kelly, Ciara Alcorn


Year 2

Julie O’Sullivan, Tatiene Martins Kennefick


Year 3

Jennifer Carey, Indi Burton, Minal Roy


Year 4

Siobhan Ranyard, Rosaleen Long, Magdalena Dembek, Barbara O’Leary


Year 5

Angie Keogh, Patricia Scanlon, Martina Gilmartin (Chair), Ann Logan and Donna Rammelt


Year 6

Corinna McLaughlin, Suzanne Wozniak, Dorota Wegrzyk (Chair)

Contact PSA

Please feel free to contact the PSA at any time. Whether you have a suggestion or a query, we are always happy to speak with you. You can contact the PSA by either speaking to your class representative or by emailing us below.